Thursday, August 12, 2010 Published by Business Recorder and THE NEWS
KARACHI: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued the first-ever LPG autogas marketing licence to Noor LPG for
its station in Sialkot, a statement said on Wednesday.
The licence represents a breakthrough for the LPG industry, which has been struggling to establish autogas stations in conformance
with OGRA’s stringent safety standards, it said.
Belal Jabbar, Chief Executive Officer, Noor LPG, said that the issuance of this licence has finally put an end to the debate of whether
autogas stations will ever be established.
Noor LPG Pvt. Ltd. Sialkot Station installed and commissioned by Dynamic Engineering and Automation
“The path is now clear for the LPG industry and all stakeholders to work together for the development of autogas stations. The success
of one station depends on the establishment of more,” said Belal.
He thanked the LPG Association of Pakistan for its support and also the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, petroleum and natural
resources and industries ministries for facilitating the issuance of the licence.
The auto sector accounts for more than 50 percent of the total LPG consumed in Pakistan, albeit through illegal decanting, which
poses a serious risk.
“Autogas stations will help eliminate this menace, while providing rickshaws and four-wheelers with an alternative to petrol and
compressed natural gas (CNG),” said Belal.
“Our dispensers and pumps have been procured from world renowned LPG equipment manufacturers Europump through their local
representative Dynamic Engineering and Automation.”
More than 10 million vehicles operate on autogas globally and the fuel is gaining popularity due to its environmental friendliness and
the ease with which it can be made available, he said.
In Pakistan, the autogas