KARACHI: A local engineering firm has installed the country’s first SNG (LPG Air mix) system for power generation, a statement said on Friday. The LPG-fuelled system will operate a 5.2MW gas turbine, thus, offsetting the shutdown of natural gas, it said.

Dynamic Engineering and Automation have installed the system at Soorty Enterprises in Karachi, it said. “This is a big diversification in terms of SNG applications as a supplement to the natural gas,” said Owais Mir, CEO of Dynamic Engineering.

“With the current gas scenario, Dynamic Engineering and Automation (DEA) is focusing on addressing the vision through strategic approach of SNG, which is a blend of LPG, as a base fuel and air, and introduced a permanent solution to cater to the natural gas seasonal shutdowns in industries.”

“SNG provides the natural gas user with an alternative in the event of a shutdown. It helps keep the industries and factories running, the statement said. SNG today has become a reality for industries that find themselves disconnected from the natural gas,” said Owais.

Industries in Pakistan are using this technology without any interruption in their processes, while facing severe energy crisis, the statement said. SNG/LPG, by all means is the answer to the current situation of the natural gas as base load management in processes and turbine-based captive power industries.