In an attempt to cater the growing energy demands, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has decided to issue 26 licenses for establishing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) filling stations in the country.
OGRA would issue license for the LPG stations in next few days as it has completed its process of scrutinize the documents of the applicants.
Sources familiar with the development told “Online” that earlier, Regulatory Body has showed its concerns over the availability of LPG in the country to avoid any disaster like CNG. However, after assurance about availability from the applicants, OGRA decided to give license to twenty-six LPG stations which would be installed on Pakistan State Oil (PSO) outlets.
“Pakistan State Oil will provide LPG supply to private companies, which will install LPG facilities at the outlets of the public sector” oil marketing company sources informed.
Sources also told government is working to establish a National LPG Company, which will deal with the LPG filling stations in terms of cheaper fuel.
In this regard, Officials of PSO told online that OGRA has asked the state oil career to do arrangements to establish LPG stations and in this regard sights are being identified. Officials said that approval from Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan is also necessary after approval these stations would be established.
Also it is pertinent to mention here that a couple of months ago advisor to Prime Minister Dr.Asim Hussain has announced to establish hundred LPG filling stations in the country.