(Dynamic Group of Companies)

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

DEA Advanced Solutions for Gas Control

DEA is the sole representative of REGO®GmbH working on the downstream of Oil & Gas industry in Pakistan. REGO®GmbH remains committed and focused on providing the propane industry the highest quality products in the industry.

All REGO®GmbH products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards using the highest quality materials. Every products is 100% tested for reliable performance. DEA represents world’s best OEM companies like REGO®GmbH for supply LPG equipments that is LPG Tank Fittings, Safeties, Regulators & Accessories, Cylinders & Tank Valves, Multivalve, Assemblies, PRV, NRV, RV Manifolds, IV, Excess Flow, Check, Filters & Vapor Equalizing Valves, Globe & Angle Valves, Rotogage & ESVs, and other Industrial Gas Equipment’s of REGO-EUROPE.

Our one of the leading principal “CAVAGNA GROUP” provides advanced solutions for Gas control. The Cavagna Group founded in 1948, is a world leading manufacturer of equipment and fittings for Compressed Gases, Gas Storage and Control.

Cavagna Group products are acknowledged by most recognized national and international standards agencies. Each division of the group is specialized in a specific market segment.

  • LPG Valves & Equipment Division
  • LPG & Natural Gas Regulators Division
  • High Pressure Equipment Division
  • Automatic CNG Cylinder Valves
  • High Pressure Cylinder Valves
  • Cylinder Valves and Regulators for Medical Gases