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CEO Message

Mr. Owais Mir, CEO

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One of the subsidiary of Dynamic Group of Companies – Dynamic Engineering & Automation (DEA) since its inception is the technology partner and sole representative of Aether dbs (formerly Ely Energy, USA) for providing solution for Natural Gas crises in the country. DEA is privately owned Engineering Consultant, EPC Contractor, and world class OEM Representative; focusing on the downstream of Oil & Gas Industry.

Their CEO said, with the current gas scenario we are focusing to address the vision through strategic approach of SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) which is a blend of LPG - as a base fuel and Air. They are the pioneers in bringing this technology to Pakistan and introduced a permanent solution to cater the Natural Gas seasonal shutdowns in Industries, avoiding set back to our economy. They are the market leader and embarked with a very first SNG/ LPG project in Gawadar for the state owned - Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd in the year 2006; followed by others in Noshki, Mirpur Khas, and Surab as town gas on turnkey basis in remote areas where the supply of Natural Gas is still a dream.

Well known industries who availed the benefits of having SNG/ LPG technology as an alternate energy source are EMCO Tiles, Sitara Textile, Century Papers & Board Mills, Millat Gears, Frontier Ceramics, Ghani Glass, and Tetra Pak Pakistan are the significant SNG/ LPG back-up references. DEA recently concluded deals with other famous and leading textile companies like Soorty Denim and Yunus Textiles in Karachi to have SNG/ LPG as back up to Natural Gas. They are also approaching APTMA to join hands in bringing the industries one stop solution to the severe energy crises in the region.

DEA CEO talked of the solution and emphasized that SNG/ LPG by all means is the answer to the current situation of Natural Gas - as city gas in remote areas, and as base load management in process industries. He said, Government & Gas utilities i.e., SSGC & SNGPL are planning to come into LPG sector which is very encouraging sign for the real development of LPG sector to support current Natural Gas gap in Pakistan and to overcome this crises. Over & above SNG/ LPG is not new in Pakistan as SSGC had earlier used this technology even back in 1976 in Larkana and same plant was shifted to Quetta and used till the availability 0f Natural Gas in the city.

Other area which is worth mentioning is the LPG Auto Refueling Station. They are also pioneer in introducing the concept of LPG Auto Refueling Station and did their first ever project in Sialkot; followed by the state of the art Autogas Station in the heart of the city center at main Sharah-e-Faisal in Karachi, and others are in their plan too. In view of the fact that availability and cost of other fuels is rising day by day and LPG is the future fuel in Pakistan, with an innovative approach and clear vision on alternative energies; they offer turnkey services for setting up Autogas Station. Their official said with the acquisition of LPG terminal at Port Qasim, SSGC will set the trend of LPG Auto Refueling Station.

In the prevailing scenario characterized by ever deepening gas crisis in Pakistan which is creating negative impact on foreign investments, SNG/ LPG can play a major role for quick fix of the Natural Gas shortage and LPG could be utilized as bridge fuel until the time when Natural Gas could be made available through cross-country pipelines and LNG imports as long term strategic source.